My Babies, LynnBella & Lenyx

LynnBella & Lenyx. Enough said! 

I could literally bore you and go on and on about my kids, our journey birthing them into the world, both graduating from the NICU, and so on but I rather just give you a brief introduction of my babies for those of you who don't know us. 

LynnBella is my first born and inspiration behind this blog. I feel I am hard on her already because she is so brilliant and beautiful. #BlackGirlsRock She is a true Gemini and absolutely curious, demanding, funny, and loves her dad[who I would like to shout out for my beautiful babies and backing the blog]. Yeah daddy's girl is a understatement but she has been opening up her soft side for me more and I am here for every second she isn't pushing me away for a hug or kiss. 

LynnBella enjoys eating and has a pretty distinctive palette. She loves art and dancing and is a walking tape recorder of all things inappropriate like the word "shit"[I take full ownership of this and working on my language]. Aside from her brother Lenyx, nature is her best friend as she loves being outside riding her bikes, feeding the birds, splashing in the water (pool or rain puddles) and mastering the playground.  

And then we have my handsome son Lenyx. 

He was a total surprise and the best addition to our family. I struggled with him throughout my entire pregnancy for various reasons, which I will share with you along the way, but this guy here has changed my life in ways I can't even describe. I finally have someone who absorbs all my kisses and hugs without running away and maybe it's because he can't crawl yet but I enjoy every second of watching this little guy grow! 

Lenyx is currently 6 months and one of the happiest babies I have ever seen. Still no teeth, he is all gums and I love seeing his smile. His little physique doesn't stop him from standing up (with support of course) and observing his sister dominate the world around them. 

Lenyx is the inspiration behind all the homemade baby food recipes and anxiously kicks his feet when its time to try a new puree. 

Now before I continue to talk about how amazing my kids are, I will end it here. They are the main inspiration behind Elephant In My Room and will be featured sporadically throughout this beautiful journey. 

They are both awesome models whose profiles I am working on and enjoy testing any infant/toddler freebies sent our way.

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