My Hair. My Problem.

Ladies (and Fellas), lets admit that we all have that one thing about us where if it is not on fleek (adj. cute, close to perfection, "it" factor ) we don't feel like our best selves.

Usually, your hair is probably that "thing". My hair. My problem. I have struggled all my life with 2 bald spots on the sides of my head. It has been something I have hidden, but now embrace. I have tried everything you can name and even various creams from the doctor but nothing has seemed to help and it has been an Elephant In My Room for sometime now. I'm not sure if it's some form of Alopecia, but the bottom line is it's a pain in the ass, well until now.

I hear about the big chop and see so many girls do it and look absolutely beautiful but I have always been scared simply because of my bald spots.

It's 2018, what does fear even mean now?!

I went to my stylist @she_layed_that and told her I wanted to cut my hair off. My hair wasn't extremely long but it was manageable and in a short style I felt comfortable in to hid My Elephant in. Kenya has been telling me for over a year to just cut if off but I just wasn't ready. When I told her I am ready to go low, she did just that and I am forever grateful. I told Kenya I wanted a sassy style where I basically want to start all over and blend my bald spots.

Take a look:

At first it took some getting used to but I do love this style and it has built so much confidence within myself. I was afraid I was going to look too butch, but I realized as a lady you can still rock a fade and be feminine. Lipstick does the trick when I want to be grown and sexy! (I'm actually still practicing that LOL )

At first we added 2 tracks (pieces of hair on a weft) in the front but once I washed my hair again, I took them out. Kenya did a protein treatment and straightened out the front. Eventually, I am going to cut out all the processed parts of my hair that is left.

Now don't get me wrong, I still enjoy wearing a nice wig and will do so as a protective style. I love wigs and have been embracing them since before they became the new trending thing.

Gaining the confidence to embrace a feature God gave me that I once looked at as a flaw has been so rewarding. I spend less time thinking about the sides of my hair and feel phenoMEnal! Follow me on my hair journey as I venture into the natural world and continue my love for wigs!

What are some good products for natural hair? What's your hair story? Where do you shop for your favorite wigs?

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