Stuff Happens - Peas & Carrots

I wish I could always come to you with perfect photos or correct grammar or even perfectly planned posts but I am a mom of 2, with an iPhone, country grammar, an almost complete degree from Howard University and literally just cannot! 

Last night,  I thought I was going to take an hour preparing food for Lenyx since I had already been shopping and had all the fruits and veggies ready to go. What I thought would be a relaxing, neat, food prep moment quickly turned into a big (curse word) mess!

I still felt like sharing this meal prep and also highlighting with you that no matter how well you plan for things and try to hope for the best, sometimes stuff just happens!

I prepared my steamer and grabbed my $0.88 pea and carrot Great Value frozen pack! 

While waiting for my water to boil, I prepared my W A T E R for the rest of the week.

I added my contents and steamed for only 5 minutes. 

I transferred my contents into the blender and added about 1/4 cup of water and let the blender do its thing! 

Going good right?!

So I move my blender over in better lighting because as you can tell the picture above was dark and I wanted it to be a little clearer and then 


That's when all my contents go sliding out of the bottom of the blender. Apparently the bottom part/blade was not connected all the way and came undone when I moved it and I didn't realize until I looked down and felt warm peas and carrots all over my foot! 

At this point I am simply irritated, ready to just say f it and go watch TV but NOOOOO. I had to hold back the 10 curse words I was thinking and keep myself together. I had to clean the mess up. I tried to save some of the contents but obviously what could be saved? 

It was now 8pm and dinner had not yet been started. LynnBella clearly didn't eat lunch because after having an orange, banana, popsicle and fruit snacks, she is still demanding more food from me. 

While trying to clean my mess, I have to break to warm her up some meatloaf from the night before. This quiets her for a while but then Lenyx is fussing because guess what time it is? His dinner time!! The teething wafer (nicely all over his shirt) I attempted to use as a distraction just wasn't doing it for him.  

I finally was able to feed Lenyx 2 tablespoons I scrapped from inside the blender and also nurse him. Although I really didn't want to continue my food prep, I knew my baby needed lunch for tomorrow and was tired of Peaches so I continued the clean up journey and food prepping for the night. 
That handsome smile he had and Bella repetitively screaming "Yummy!" while eating her meatloaf definitely gave me the boost I needed to keep going. 

Prepping food for your baby can be so draining at times but keep going Mommy!  You got this!  Every attempt wont be perfect but don't give up and hit the shelf! Clean up the mess and keep going!

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