So I have been actively trying to drink more water and also loose some weight so I am trying this detox water thing. I also follow a blog called As Told By Mika who started a water challenge I am so here for!

I bought lots of fruit this week of all kinds for my daughter and myself vs the crackers and chips and other unnecessary snacks I snack on sporadically while at my desk. I bought a 4 pack of VOSS Lemon Cucumber Sparkling Water ($6 at Giant) and I must say they are so delicious but the fruit just adds that extra refreshing taste.

I decided to go with VOSS primarily because of presentation and also because it came in petite size glass bottles of 12 oz. but obviously getting a reusable water bottle will be more cost effective in the long run. Hey, this is what splurging as a mom of 2 sometimes mean! Sometimes we have to paint an illusion for ourselves lol!

So I drunk down some of the water in each bottle and chopped up fruit and added fresh mint in some. Now the fruit takes up some space so technically I am not drink 12oz. of water each time but at least 8 oz. (I hope).

My Plan:

Because I sit at my desk all day for 8 hours and hardly ever get up, my Apple Watch reminds me to stand. By getting up each hour or twice in one hour to refill my water bottle, I will also be accomplishing my stand goal and incorporating my 8 glasses a day goal into my work day. That means TEQUILA, WINE, CHOCOLATE MILK, & SWEET TEA when I get home. (Ok I am just joking but only a little)

Fruit Features: (In order of appearance)

Strawberry Mint; Orange; Lemon Lime Mint; Blueberry Lemon

Results I Am Aiming For:

Drink at least 64 oz. of water a day to help maintain my milk supply! 

Have poppin glowing skin without blemishes, pimples, or pregnancy! (being pregnant seems to be the only time my skin was amazing, well at least with my daughter)  

Stop snacking throughout the day and clear out my snack drawer to lose the 10 pounds I am aiming for!

Ween my appetite and mindset of needing the junk food!

Explore how being hydrated all day makes my body feel! 

Join the water challenge! I will be sure to follow up with my progress and results!

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  1. Thank you for joining my water challenge. I really need to get on this fruit wave to spice up my water.

    Continue to drink water & mind your business ❤️