Oh Frying Pan Had A Farm. . . E - I - E - I - O

I know if you are reading the title of this, you are probably thinking OMG this lady has no heart! "Relax" in the words of my great friend Claudia! That's literally the name of the farm we took the kids to this past weekend in Fairfax, VA - Frying Pan Farm!

Saying we had fun is literally me being modest! My kids are DC breed and currently raised but I promise to alway let them know where momma came from - the country! Although I wasn't raised on a farm this place did my heart so much justice!

The weather for the day was absolutely perfect! We parked near the visitor center and as we walked in there, there was a wedding reception going on in one of the rooms! We grabbed our map and began our walk down the path to the farm taking many photos along the way but here are some of my favorites! 

I didn't have expectations upon arrival but the second I was greeted by this beauty, I knew we were going to have an authentic experience and my adrenaline rushed! Now obviously this was for the kids but I felt like a kid myself!

Lenyx on the other hand, well I think it's obvious to say how he felt about the entire experience! My little big guy stayed in the stroller the entire time and wore this face, not because it was hot but more of curiosity and also fear! The cows scared him so we didn't let him get as close as I would have liked but hey baby steps here! This was pretty much how all the pics of him looked.

We got to see a real chicken coop! 

It was so fun to hear Bella make the animals sounds and point out all the animals! Of course I had to turn the experience into a small educational moment, but a fun one.

The curiosity and excitement on her face was literally priceless! 

My daughter loves Elmo and lately I been trying to introduce her to some new shows because she literally will watch Elmo nonstop! So, lately we been watching Peppa The Pig! That being said she was so excited to see "my piggies mommy" as she said! 

I was expecting little baby pigs or Wilbur but we saw this big beauty! This is actually one of my favorite photos and I think Bella had a lot to do with that. Once we left I asked her what was her favorite animal and she says again "my piggies mommy".  My heart was oozing. 

There was a small episode of the cows not behaving and it was so exciting to see the beautiful farmer girl get them together. I know that may sound weird but she was young and cute, not like a hill billie as most people would assume farmers to be! 

We didn't take the tractor ride around the farm however that was an option for only $3 a person. They had a carousel, playground, and this tractor area where we grabbed a photo.

'Baa baa black sheep have you any wool" Oh you bet LynnBella was going through the farm singing her nursery songs and even ones completely irrelevant like "Happy Birthday". It did give me the idea though that one year we will have one of their birthday parties here. Most likely Lenyx because Bella and a farm in the middle of summer just makes my head hurt thinking about it. 

This is her building the courage to actually take a pic close to the fences or take a step closer to get a better look at the animals! 

I literally got overly excited seeing the peacocks! I've been to the zoo many of times but never came this close to seeing a beautiful peacock. To be honest, I don't even think I've ever seen one in person. If so it was totally unmemorable and this was one of my personal highlights at the farm!

Not sure if this is male or female, but the others were just brown. I didn't even know that was a thing.

Ugh! Just look at these beauties! This is actually one of my other favorite photos! They have the option where you can milk the cows at 4pm however we were heading out around this time. I've done that before back in Carolina but once the kiddos get a little older, I definitely want them to experience this as well. 

Leaving out we said bye to our last friend. Bella actually said this was me! I literally don't know how to take that but I thought it was the funniest thing ever! 

I didn't see any prepared food at the farm but they definitely sold fresh milk, eggs, and meat thus being frying pan ready lol. These animals looked so well taken care of and didn't kill you with their smells or aggression. 

I am hoping they do a Halloween thing on the farm but if not we will be back for the festival in the middle of October! 

My goal now with my kids is to enjoy them more and more because we are growing up together. Finances are tight especially with trying to maintain an apartment uptown in DC and put 2 other people first. I said all that to say moms and dads, you can literally give your child experiences they will never forget for free. Just take the drive and get out of your comfort zone and enjoy God's creations sometime. I've made a vow to myself that I want to not be a robot and actually enjoy my weekends I now no longer work due to my awesome job, but also really enjoy and embrace my children! Having kids young isn't so bad because now all the things I want to do, they must be kid friendly. 

Thanks Frying Pan Farm!

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