Kids Make The Clichés Click

I'm blessed to have 2 beautiful children and it happened just the way I always wanted a daughter first then a son! Didn't expect to have them so close but everyday I am happy I did! 

I am so over cliches and typically the person that would roll their eyes at hearing all the corny things we have heard growing up but, if you are like me and maybe can't see the light at the end of tunnel right now, this post is for you! 

Literally hear comes the corny cliche and I will reference this throughout because it literally got me through my week but "don't take the little things for granted"

My daughter typically enjoys bath time and as you can see she is a diva once in her robe. The kids still sleep with me and I anticipated it thus the reason I was sure to get a King size bed. Typically we eat dinner, do bath time, hop in the bed and watch a kid movie and maybe eat a snack! That's our jam (aka our routine).

This past week stood out to me the most when LynnBella was quietly watching her movie then tugging at her pajama shirt and says, "Mommy! My shirt Mommy, I don't like it!" 

I looked and sure enough she had outgrown her pajamas! Some may be thinking oh wow how did you not notice but I am human and it wasn't terribly bad but my kids size does not go with what size they should be in and buying clothes for them is always an assignment.

I simply looked at her and let her know I would get her some new pajamas that upcoming Friday aka payday! I instantly went online and began browsing and was over all the prices I seen but knew it had to be done! 

I took a deep breath in and out and didn't get discouraged! We were watching Peppa the Pig so I said duuuhhhh that's it and found some right at Walmart! The best part was the set was only about $8 and then they had others that were $10 but a 4 piece so I got her some! And of course as Lenyx is growing I couldn't leave him out! 

The next day passed and she asked me about her pajamas again and I was highly shocked because I really didn't realize her brain capacity and it brought a lesson to myself of "always do what you say you are going to do and whatever you do around your kids make sure it's something you wouldn't mind them repeating". 

Her pajamas were already on the way and when they arrived the smile and happiness on this little girl face could not be replaced!  She opened her box and saw Lenyx stuff first but when she saw her pajamas she was smiling so big and saying "Mommy look! My piggies"

Now if you are still interested in this story, this is part that makes me tear up every time I think about this moment and even if you don't have kids, whatever life is throwing your way, I hope it helps you! 

Don't take the little things for granted!

I am currently in a situation where I have to budget and be strict on it! This is only a temporary situation due to my job change however for me it's been a trying time because I am used to spending without feeling guilty. 

As small and silly as it may seem to some, pajamas this week just wasn't in the budget I outlined for us last month! Along with a lot of other unexpected expenses, but pajamas was definitely not one of them. Although they weren't I made sure it was because I couldn't stand my little girl being bothered tugging on the ones she had! Now I could have avoided this or put it off but I am glad I didn't! 

Don't take the little things for granted! 

Something as small as making a sacrifice to get my kids new pajamas is my current reality and the old me would be ashamed but I embrace my struggles because I know this is all temporary! This entire scenario let me know the light is just at the end of the tunnel.

Right now you may be going through some changes and questioning those small things in your life but they do matter and don't take the little things for granted! If something so small as pajamas or whatever you are going through will prevent you from whatever that big thing in your life is, then most likely that big thing just wasn't meant to be for you in the first place! 

My goal everyday now is to find the good in everything and this is something being reinforced to me at work and I am grateful for that! I want to share my small victories and struggles with you because you never know what someone else could be dealing with no matter what the outer appearance is or when life challenges could meet you.

Just remember your small thing could be the next person's struggles so don't take the small things for granted! 

And you know I couldn't forget about Lenyx! 
Be blessed moms, dads, and friends! 

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