Happy National Pizza Day

What better way to celebrate National Pizza Day than with your little monster(s) making your very own pizza!

Lately, Bella  has been enjoying being in the kitchen with me as my prep chef or whatever fancy terminology you want to correct me with. Lenyx has also enjoyed opening every drawer, hiding every thing inside, and play with all my cooking utensils he can pull out. That’s pretty much all he did to assist with this food project.

We decided to go with a zesty tomato sauce, four blended shredded and fresh mozzarella cheese, turkey pepperoni, mushrooms, and onion pizza!

At first I was hovering over her like mama bear because I didn’t want her to make a huge mess and I was super hungry. Had to take a step back and just let her have fun with her pizza art/ creation. 

So glad I did because the smile on her face and excitement during dinner was priceless. 

It’s awesome that it’s National Pizza Day because it gives us all an excuse to eat pizza again this week.

I realized that making something Bella likes or may not even want to eat (her veggies) with her gets her ready and excited for dinner time. This is a no brained but I encourage us to take one day a week and really cook with our kids. This is a great thing to do when money is to tight for the indoor play place or when it’s to cold or rainy to go outside. We also enjoyed Alexa throwing tunes at us and took a break to do the cha cha slide. Video coming soon so stay tuned. 

How do you make cooking and dinner time fun for your kids?

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