Let the Celebration Begin Part 1: School Party & Movies

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Let all the toddler year 3 fun begin! By coincidence I celebrated LynnBella 3 consecutive days as she turned 3! I felt it was only right since her actual birthday fell on a Sunday and all the low budget things we did were fun!

Friday aka I Don't Do Planning, Last Minute

You must understand that event planning, party planning, any of that type of thing overwhelms me and stresses me the heck out. That being said my daughter's birthday plans didn't fall in place until well the last minute and I was ok with that. Why? Simple. People have their own life and a 3 week calendar invite for a 3 year party was not necessary in my circle of friends cause hardly any of them are parents. Majority of my close family is in another state and I knew the people that needed to be there would be there.

That being said I began to rationalize that it would be better for her to enjoy a cake at school with her friends than just at home with me, Lenyx, and her dad.

Cake Lesson For The Wise aka Budget Friendly Parent

I knew that surprising Bella at school with a cake themed with one of her favorite characters would make her day.

This last minute mommy headed across the street to Giant grocery store just to learn no themes were available besides princess. No fret over here! This mom went right to Walmart where I knew I wouldn't be disappointed and that's where LynnBella picked out a Frozen themed cake.

Her class only consist of like 10 kids so a simple pull-a-part cake was perfect and thats what I ordered.

Now here is where the lesson kicks in! I had to pay for the cupcakes and also the Frozen pieces. No shade to Walmart bakery but there was nothing special but the fact that it saved me time so I am here to tell you this cake can simply be done at home.

DIY Pull-a-part at Home 

Bake your best cupcakes, ice them blue, place them in some form of an ice arena, and top with these cake toppers below.

Crazy thing was the cake pieces are actually cheaper on Amazon then at Walmart. So even if you do decide to go with Walmart tell them you will order your own cake toppers cause the ones above are exactly what you get.

Overall LynnBella enjoyed her school cake surprise but did say the she didn't like the chocolate cupcakes! It's also safe to say Lenyx enjoyed himself too.

Chuck E. Cheese Planning Begins

After school I called Chuck E Cheese, made a party reservation for that Sunday because I knew we were going to go and decided ok we will have a party! Nothing was set in stone and I literally paid nothing an updated the reservation up until that Saturday. That being said Peppa the Pig had to be the theme so I hopped on Party City and discovered a 20% coupon and order online for in store pick up in 2 hours. They also had a customizable party invite. Yes I used it, took a screenshot, and texted it out.

That was perfect since we were going to the movies that night to see Secret Life of Pets 2 so I placed my online, in store pick up order and got tickets to a theater that was right by Party City and timed it perfect to catch the store before closing and on time for the movie.

Secret Life of Pets 2 was definitely a hit and by the end of the night we were all pooped! Also, shout out to the girl at the AMC concession stand for giving me all 3 flavors of popcorn instead of just picking 2 since I couldn't decide.

Let me know how you saved $10 with your DIY pull-a-part cupcake cake or in this case Nailed It challenge!

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