Mommy & Me Tutu + Toddler/Family DIY Photoshoot

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I think one advantage of being a mom with back to back children is that you learn to be very crafty and budget friendly real quick. That being said it's also an excuse to DIY or at least try! 

LynnBella turned 3 on Sunday, June 9th but the celebration started earlier beginning on that Thursday with a family friendly photoshoot. Birthday photos are a must in my household and something special that I like to do because it's like a milestone marker. Photo theme, well I wanted something age appropriate and a reflection of what my daughter is currently into. Lately, it's been tutus of all colors and simply because it makes her feel like a princess as she likes to say. 

DIY Mommy & Me Tutu

I got inspired to make mommy and me tutus. I knew I wanted photos with my daughter and of course we had to be matching and I figured daddy and Lenyx could easily match and coordinate. At first I did some online shopping around for matching tutus but found it was just too costly and can simply be done with some wine, scissors, tulle, crochet headband and/or elastic bands. 

Wine, well check! Scissors, check! Elastic bands, I already had in my sewing kit box from when I make Bella headbands sometimes but can easily be purchased in a fabric store like Joann's for less than $2 I believe or in the link above like I did way back when. Crochet Headbands I got from Walmart for $1 in a variety 3 pack. Tulle of your desired colored can also be purchased in like 8 or 9 rolls from Walmart but cheaper below. 


The Process

There is no "right" way to do this. I wanted our tutus to be full, cover out bottoms, and uneven. That being said I did a basic measurement of longest piece of tulle to make sure our bottoms were covered and the rest was a matter of similar but not perfectly measured pieces. 

For Bella I placed the headband on a new Bounty roll as my mannequin. If you are running low be sure to utilize your Dash buttons. I started from the bottom and tied each piece of random sized tulle I cut through a hole in a knot form. 

Literally thats all I did over and over for both of our tutus. For mine, I could have taken a little more time. I did three different layers to created the layered look since I was too big for a headband around my waist like a toddler. 

Lenyx, well I thought it was good to throw in a 40 minute potty session and snacks which resulted in books and babbling and no use of the potty until moments after when I finally place him in a new pull up. Taadaa and he poops! 

Coordination and Location 

I kept it simple with crop black legging bottoms and tank tops for Bella and I since we already had them. Matched Lenny and Lenyx with tan shorts and black shirts since they already had them. Total for this family hook up was about $15.

Location, well let nature run it's course. I had a vision of a bridge so we went down Rock Creek Park and let the fun begin. I took all the photos on my cell phone because I brought the camera but forgot the lens. I also brought my handy tripod which came with a bluetooth clicker I am absolutely in love with. 


  • Buy the tripod. You will use it at least 10 times in your life. 
  • Nothing in life is perfect, even moments we plan for. I forgot the lens to the camera but didn't let it stop us from having a great iPhone shoot. 
  • Have fun! Life is too short to be cutting tulle to the perfect 8 inch size each time.
  • Use any excuse of the day to throw in a little potty training for a younger sibling.
  • Mind your business and drink a glass of wine.
Tag your DIY tutus or family photoshoots. If you find cheaper outlets or methods don't be stingy, comment so we get hip. 

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