Colorful Blazer Comeback

Don't call it come back! How do you wear colorful blazers or pieces from the 90's you ask? Well I hope this post gives you a little inspo! 

This blazer is size 14 and for those wondering I am a size 6, not that anything is wrong with any size smaller, in between, or even bigger. I said all that to say, the extra size of this blazer was able to give a little extra flare so don't be a tag shopper and afraid of sizes other than your own. 

I started with a vintage solid color belt. I lost the top but a nice lace black bralette could also work under here. 

I got another outfit out of my 100% leather black pants I ranted about in my last post and paired it with my favorite black, low heel square toe boots that are making a come back this spring. 

Accessories are a forever problem of mine so I threw this bag in the photo to add a little flare to my stiff poses! 

Now honey! I have to dress up for my job you say! Cool I don't but here is a little twist with the same concept - colorful oversized blazers

Same belt, different pants and low slingback Manolo Blahnik heels that are currently listed in my closet! 

Both blazers have sold but to shop the Leather Pants, Square Vintage Handbag, Dress Pants, or Manolo Blahnik heels, shop my closet up top! 

I want to see what you do with your fun color blazers and tops from the 90's! Comment below or tag me in your post if you got a little outfit inspo. 

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