Re-Vision with Vision Boards in July

Obvio by the title of this post I am re-planning and resetting my vision! That's right! I'm not waiting till 2021, start of a new month, or even week to reset my vision and make it plain. Best part was my friend Crystal Danielle ignited this idea and we did it together with wine over Zoom! I literally have some dope ass friends.

First line of business is starting with my savings goals. These are envelopes which I plan to use to save. I noticed that I am much better at saving cash than being able to leave it in an account because I can make a quick 30 second transfer. This statement is tentative to change in the future because I am growing and this will not always be a problem but for right now this is the reality.

D.C. Toddler Vision Board Art Activity

Now what better way to spend time with my awesome daughter who has been in camp for only 2 weeks (socially distance with only 4 kids of course) than having her come along the journey. Also her scissor game is awesome lol. I told her to pick out all photos she liked and of course for a child this is every page. I love her artistic side!

So for my supplies, I went to the dollar tree and picked up a black poster board ($0.69) for LynnBella, and a project display board($1.00) for me. Now the best part of this is my best friend Natasha is moving back to NYC and called me to offer a box of all types of magazines!!! Literally felt like I won big bucks off a scratch off because apparently I'm lost and didn't know magazines cost $5-10 each! No bueno!

D.C. Magazine Vision Board Images

How I have been selecting photos for my board is all futuristic life. Nothing overly exaggerated because this board is suppose to match some photos and life updates otherwise whats the point. I picked out things like quotes, words/ affirmations, basically things that are important to me.

But wait I know you peep Iris Apfel! Yes! This my futuristic 98 year old self! Like me she is a virgo! Love big statement glasses and jewelry, its basically her signature and if you know me well then you are like OMG I sooooo see it!

Anywho, I tried to think about all aspects of my life: business, family, kids, appearance, style, mood, health, finances, love life, transportation, home, decor, aesthetics, vibe, vacations. Everything within a year or 2 time line with the exception of Iris of course!  

D.C. Toddler Vision Board Art

Here is how Bella's vision board is coming along and I am really impressed. Makeup because she loves lip gloss and chap stick. She has been asking me to get into ballet so hopefully we can get her into something soon(Covid 19 safe). She put a pillow and sandals and it was just really awesome to see her cutting and pasting skills but also things she is into. 

As for me well, I am just getting started. I still have more images to cut out. I've decided to do a full layout before pasting anything down. This may change by the weekend if this project isn't completed. Not something I want to rush but I am done starting task and not finishing them. 

I still use my initial 2020 vision board on my iPad that is all hand written and drawn in different colors. I love Pinterest and want to incorporate it more with my business. Overall there isn't one way to do a vision board and truthfully no wrong way to do it. Reflect. Reset. Repeat. 

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