Summer Reading List Challenge

Que the song "School's Out" by Alice Cooper! 

Dear parent's,

 I know we have been holding it down since quarantine started (back in March) but let's be real, now the heavy home schooling can slow down slightly without us feeling guilty. 

If you are like me education starts at home first and is reinforced in school so your child's learning and development must go on.

Running out of things to do to keep your 2 and 4 year old busy and not bored like me? No worries, here is another slight idea just for you because trust me homeboy and homegirl, I understand.


P.S. You got this !


This summer I am enforcing a summer reading list challenge! I haven't exactly set a number goal of how many books to read but ideally I want to read at least 1 book a day until summer ends. 

For my baby shower for LynnBella I asked for books instead of cards so we have a huge library that we actually need to downsize. I plan on rereading those books but what if you don't have books at home? No worry! I got you. 

There is app called Epic Books for children and they read to them out loud and go page by page. This is so convenient  as we are still working from home or lets be real here, just sometimes don't feel up to it. LynnBella's teacher introduced me to this app. I believe the first 30 days are free but you can read for $7.99 a month.

Another option is library at home. Our library has an app where we can read digitally and checkout books. For most adult books the wait time is very high like 9 weeks but for children's books not so much. This is a free option until things open back up. 

Lastly, my favorite is Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime reading. If you have Amazon you can read some books for free with Prime including some children's books. Right now Kindle Unlimited is offering a 2 month free trial but after is only $10 a month and for me extremely worth it since I am also joining this reading challenge which I will mention later. 

So now that we have enjoyed our story, I like to talk about what happened again just for reinforcement. Now I am by no means an educator just a mom trying to break the cycle of dreadful reading and help my children learn as much as possible. 

Afterwards, I like to ask them their favorite part of the story or just some questions to make sure they were paying attention. 

Once we have discussed the book, I come up with an activity. It can be playing with play doh to make something the book talked about, painting, acting out the scene, but in this case drawing a picture of their favorite part.

After the drawing and coloring was done for this particular activity now time to practice some letter writing, the alphabet, and spelling all in one. 

The best part of this is that now while my child is working on this, I can kickstart lunch or dinner while keeping them engaged and occupied. 

It's only 13 full weeks in summer so I am setting a really big goal for myself to join in on this challenge with my kids which is reading 13 books this summer. 

I wasn't much of a reader but I began to change that narrative. This year in 2020 I said I wanted to read 12 books, 1 a month because I was being realistic with myself. After finishing the Four Agreements I realized that now I enjoy reading, I just wasn't reading things I enjoy. 

13 books to finish Summer 2020 which officially ends September 22, 2020. So far I am on track with 1 book a week and it's not to late for you to join in with me. 

Stay tuned to hear about my take aways about the first book I read to kickstart my Summer Reading Challenge "Mircale Morning" as well as LynnBella's Camp At Home by DC Department of Recreation. 

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