Week 1: Miracle Morning

The perfect kick off to my Summer Reading List Challenge was reading Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. Wait, before you say I am not a morning person or I work better at night (That was the narrative I've told myself for years), you really need to go on Amazon right now and purchase this book. It will change your morning literally. 

On a personal mission of self-development this book is highly recommended and for me extremely necessary. Like literally worth all the hype! So much that I read in 24 hrs. Yes it's a quick read but what I love most is that book is conversational.

If you are like me then you are like duh I know I should probably wake up before 12p.m. but I just don't know how or why especially if I have nothing to do. Maybe you are also like me and would get up just in time to get your self ready to rush to work or take the kids to school (pre-covid) and wondered why your days were such a drag. This book is for you. 

No spoiler alert but the book talks about 6 things you can implement in your life beginning tomorrow. For me I knew the importance of alone time and even personal development but I never had the time for this because juggling work, the kids, life, . . .  well so I thought until I read this amazing concept. 

Each morning aim to wake up early like 6:30a.m. to devote an uninterrupted hour to yourself popularly known as S.A.V.E.R.S in this book. 10 minutes for each task.







Now what this looks like for me may be different for you and thats ok. I noticed that I started getting so much more accomplished throughout my day and slowly achieving my small goals which is leading to my big goal!

So here is what I do.

In Silence, sometimes I will literally just sit there and enjoy what my apartment feels like without 2 kids running around. Other days I will listen to a 10 minute meditation. The power of meditation deserves a post all in itself (coming soon)

Affirmations, I switch it up. Lately I have been writing my own and as I continue to discover and love my current self I add to it. I listen to other affirmations like Toni Jones or Coach Stormy Trapformations. After affirming my life and day, I thank God and remind myself to speak and practice gratitude while praying for others.

Visualize. This is something I do often but one of my favorite parts. Sometimes I go to my terrace and gaze over D.C. and remember how far I have come and where I am going. Most of the time I go back to my digital vision board where I have been trying to come up with 300 things I want God to do for me this year. I'm only at 100 but still so blessed. I add to this list and cross of things I have already accomplished

Exercise. I know everyone's dreaded one but it's really rejuvenating. You can go for a walk, run, ab workouts or even Yoga. At my last job they used to always tell us to stand because "motion creates emotion" I believe that quote is from Tony Robbins. But by starting your morning by getting your heart rate up without rushing out the door to be late is a different type of vibe.

Read. Depending on my day but most days I save this for last because lately I have been enjoying reading. Reading doesn't just have to be a book. Pick up a magazine, come here read my greatest and latest blog post, read the news online or newspaper. Just read.

Lastly, Script. This is simply writing. Your mind is always filled with clutter. Even if you don't have the words to say or best grammar like me you can do this. Even if you say I am tired and really don't want to do this but I am creating discipline for myself, this is progress! I used to journal back in the day because the idea of having a diary was so exciting to me. When I read this part of the book, I flashback to when I was pledging AKPsi in college and how they created journals for us and would make us journal each day.

I literally didn't realize that I had 3 pages of things clouding my brain and emotions one day and when I finally put the pin down, I said damn I am going to write a book! Best part for me is that I was able to communicate my feelings without being interrupted or judged. I was able to express my truest emotions without even using names of those who bothered me.

If this is a weak point for you, 5 and Below have some great books for writing like poem topics, goal setting books, random writing prompts etc.

If you can't tell by now, Miracle Morning has completed shifted me, in the words of my dearest friend Crystal B. I literally was trying to figure out how I would be able to get all 6 of those things done in a day to be consistent and never thought of breaking it down into realistic time slots.

"The race isn't given to the swift nor strong but those who endures until the end" Ecclesiastes 9:11

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