How to Spot Fake Rothy's


Let me tell you a story all about how my first score of Rothy's got flipped-turned upside down. 

I received several bags of free clothing from a neighbor and after the first bag I saw a pair of what I thought was Rothy's Scooter Red Round Toe Flats brand new!! I literally thought oh shit! She is going to be calling me wanting these back or apparently she was gifted something she didn't want. 

Like literally felt real with rubber sole. Rothy's stamp on sole. Removable insole with what I thought was authentic Rothy's label. Well Quickly what I thought would be my fav find of January turned into a FAKE.

Here is how to spot fake Rothy's 

No literally. Apparently there are several people who charge to authentic Rothy's with photos and they clearly patrol the site waiting for "Just In' alerts. 

Well I hope your first find of Rothy's isn't so disappointing as mine. Save and share this with a reseller who is on the hunt for their first pair or Rothy's 

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