2 Step Peaches

This simple 2 step peach puree is a life saver. 

I don't know about you all, but I have had a hectic week with working late hours at work and trying to work through this ever so thick half head of hair I now have. We will talk about that later. I have been so drained that I just wasn't up for introducing a new food until I realized Frozen Peaches are a simple 2 step process and literally take only a few minutes to make. 

 I purchased a 16 oz bag of frozen peaches (with no sugar added) at my local grocery store for $2.50. 

Now it's almost farmer's market season I know you are thinking, why not get them fresh. Well at the local farmers market's I go to, 4 peaches are about $5 and unfortunately the way my budget is set up right now, we can't indulge in those. Not to mention the last time I bought them, they went bad fast and weren't all that great.

I got a nice frozen bag, which I suggest as an alternative to fresh produce rather than canned. I let it thaw out while I showered and gave the kids a bath and read a book.

I have been struggling with establishing a bed time routine/time for Bella so any help on this would be great!   

I thought she was going to lay down but as I mentioned, I have been struggling. The lights are turned down low in my home, but I toss the peaches and all the juices in the bag into the blender. 

I turned on milkshake settings (by now I have already told you that my blender doesn't have the mix, puree, etc settings) and let the blender do its thing. I stopped the blender 3 times to stir up the mixture so I could get an even consistency, not to mention I hate the loud noise with no action behind the blades. Notice the consistency without adding water.

Then I simply poured it into my famous ice tray, covered it, and popped it in the freezer. 
I think I am getting better at pouring. I was able to pour straight from the blender with the help of a spoon - check me out !

This literally took all of 5 minutes including clean up time and I am soooo happy!! Did you know peaches help with your baby's eye development. 

Stay tuned for other recipes we make that include the 2 Step Peach Puree. Don't forget the 3 day rule! 

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