Minute Mangos

Snap! You realize your baby's appetite is growing and those purees aren't staying in the freezer as long as you expected (gratefully you are also happy). Time seems to be flying by and you need to make a quick mix for your little one. 

Minute Mangos! Literally just a minute and they are good to go! 

Fresh are awesome but I prefer frozen and specifically the Trader Joe's brand because they were super fresh. Just take a look at the color below.

Instead of freezing my mangos, I left them in the refrigerator so they were easy to mix in my blender and didn't require any additional liquids. I simply emptied the contents in the blender, placed on milkshake setting and bam! I'm done! 

Place in ice tray, freeze, and cross off one thing on your to do list. 

I'm no doctor but from my research, I would hold off introducing this tropical fruit to your loved one until they are 6 months or older. 

So far I have only introduced mangos plain and with oatmeal. Stay tuned for other Mango featured recipes. 

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