Stella's PopKern - Petworth, DC

Screaming, shouting, and dipping back and forth! I am officially the unofficial brand ambassador of Stella's PopKern! I completely appoint myself to this position because they are so amazing. 

Living in the Georgia/Petworth neighborhood for over a year, I spotted this hidden gem and always said I wanted to go in. Just driving past one day, the vibrant and chic storefront caught my attention. I have delayed coming in because of my dreadful work hours and schedule.  I only can make it on Fridays if I fight traffic and break the speed limit.(ssshh) 

Doesn't matter, I finally had the opportunity to stop into Stella's PopKern and I am 100% satisfied! Mother's Day quickly approached and I was thinking what to get a woman who has everything! Obviously you want something stellar, and ding, that's when it clicked - Stella's PopKern

I went online to see what pricing was like because by now you guys should know I am a mom on a budget and I instantly got excited. They offer these amazing gift boxes of 3 snack size popcorns that are so neatly packed and at an affordable $12, I knew this was perfect. 

I believe gifts should have meaning. I know my mom loves popcorn. I also know she loves old bay and sweets so with the help of the amazing customer service I received, I was able to incorporate this into her gift box! The box is a nice kraft box with their logo which opened the opportunity for me to place a nice ribbon and for my kids to draw a picture for Nana! Knowing my mom, she will probably save this box because of Bella's drawing and use it to store cards or something!

I'm selfish and there was absolutely no way I was leaving there without getting something for myself. I forgot to ask the lady her name, but as she was leaving out she encouraged me to try all the flavors on display for the day. I was being modest but she was so nice and talked to me about the ingredients and process that I just couldn't resist! The Basil Lemon was everything! I pictured myself indulging in this while drinking sparkling soda on my rooftop! Yup, new bucket list item added there! 

I purchased some White Cheddar Old Bay for myself and before I could hide them from my snack monster, Bella had already grabbed them saying "want some" over and over again! I shared but had to trick her into eating fruit snacks simply because I didn't want to share! Moms we never have anything to ourselves! 

I was super nervous walking into Stella's PopKern because sometimes people can give horrible service when it's close to closing time but I did not experience this at all! I really wish I remembered the guy's name who helped me but he was so friendly and patient and helped with capturing my Boomerang I created! 

My popcorn was fresh and amazing! This is definitely a treat to myself I will indulge in. Stay tuned for my opinion about the other flavors of popcorn I plan to try. If you aren't in the DC area no worries, they ship with amazing tin cans as well! 

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