New Glasses. Who This?

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Story Time:

Guys! This one here may make you laugh but I had to share. I had such an amazing time hanging with friends, so much so that I felt a little sick going down the highway and needed some fresh air. Me doing things off impulse, decided to just roll the window down of the passenger seat and stick my head out the window. What better way to get air right?

Welp! Thats when my glasses, my beloved Warby Parker prescription glasses, flew off my face hours after this selfie. I was going down a highway so surprisingly, I accepted the fact I would not have clear vision for the next couple of hours and going back for them was 100% out of question. 

Then it settled that not only am I still feeling sick, I can't see clear, and not in the mood to pay $95 for the same exact frame. 

Contacts to be or not to be?

Then it dawned on me, "forget the glasses and just go get contacts in the morning". I thought this was the perfect idea because I could get a trial pair while my order is placed and have an immediate solution to my lack of eyesight. Also, it's practically summer time so contacts mean easily wearing sunglasses and switching up the look for a while. Well this was all good until right eye was like "naw I can't do this, it's allergy season." So with a 6 month supply and $89 later I realized I had to get glasses and quick!

Who ever said IG marketing doesn't work lied!

I had been seeing Firmoo on my feed and it was like they were reading my eye in this case so I decided to check them out. Ding Ding Ding! I found some frames similar to mine that flew down the highway and half the cost. Then when I saw this "blue light blocking I was all in." Best decision I made probably all year and could you even tell a major difference from my Warby Parker frame?

The blue light helps so much with me at work sitting in front of a computer all day so even if you don't need glasses but work constantly at a computer I recommend them and you can even get the same frame I got!

50% off frames just for you:

Now if you lasted through my rant thus far or just need some new glasses check out and at check out be sure to use this code for 50% off your frame


This code expires September 30, 2019 so no worries if you if you need to get an updated eye exam!

Online glasses shopping takeaways

  • Don't be shy to go for a fun pair or try something new! Firmoo offers returns before 30 days
  • Visit an optical store and try on some frames to get a feel for what size and shape fits your face.
  • Opt in for advanced coating for your lenses. One mistake I made with Warby Parker which resulted in scratched lenses within a few months 
  • Use the photo try on feature but remember that isn't golden. 
  • Get out of thinking designer frames are best. This one is more for me because I was the idiot paying $300 for Prada frames. 
Now I've heard other people mention other sites to get glasses but I am curious where do you buy your frames? 

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