Shrimp Bake Not Boil

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Just like most of you, or what I hope to be the demographic of my readers, I am busy and still like a good, quick at home meal. Trying to remind myself to drink enough water as I do sangria, I got a lot on my plate and fancy meals with long cook time isn't one of them. From working a full time job that is mentally draining at times, to having my 1 year old tug at my leg for juice and my 3 year old asking for YouTube, I am juggling much but still need to make time for a nice cooked meal.

I don't have time to Google ingredients I have never heard trying to locate them in various grocery stores  and being on a budget I don't see the value in $7 spices I will only use for one recipe. I also don't have time for lengthy recipe post and crazed instructions so if you are like me - I feel you girl and this post is for us! If you are expecting a perfect measurement- this is not that blog.

Think of Nailed It but for dinner.

Shopping List 

1 small 6 piece frozen corn on cob
1 bag of frozen peeled and cooked shrimp
3 medium russet potatoes
1 pack of beef smoked sausage 
Olive Oil 
Old Bay  
Lemon Pepper 
Garlic Powder

You honestly should have all these seasonings in your cabinet but if not, I'm not judging. Don't sleep on Dollar Tree because they got some hidden $1 seasonings you need to get familiar with. If you plan to cook future recipes with me- Get all the ones above!

Start the load of whites clothes you have been putting off all week. Pull your ingredients. Grab 1 large mixing bowl and your favorite cutting knife that makes you feel like a chef. If you haven't already pour your sangria, preheat oven till 375, and tell Alexa to start your Musiq Soulchild station.

Ready, 1 2, 3 Eat

1. Rinse all ingredients with hot water- includes your corn on the cob to loosen all the cob for cutting

2. Cut your sausage, potatoes, corn, and toss them along with your shrimp in a large mixing bowl

3. Sprinkle with olive oil, all your seasonings, and if you want to get cute some lemon juice. Toss it in the oven on a sheet pan

Eat - when your potatoes are soft. I left mine in about 30 minutes. You could also wait to throw in your shrimp if you don't want them overcooked but I had no problem with them this way.

1 sheet pan, 3 step meals I am all in! Great for quick dinner or meal prepping. Enough for 3-4 large portions and easy clean up as well.

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