The Big 3 Birthday Party

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And we're back! Chuck E. Cheese, family both near and far, and Peppa the Pig mad it easy to celebrate this special girl.

Nana bought Bella her birthday gift of clothes and Family Peppa the Pig Playhouse way before her birthday so Bella knew what was coming. Papa later gifted her with the complete set of friends along with everyone else who showered her in wishes and gifts. Her outfit, kept it simple with her gifted Peppa the Pig shirt from Nana and a pink tutu! I learned my lesson from last year's one time wear customized family shirts.

Bella started her day opening her gifts from home and then off to the races for picking up her 2nd and official cake and party.

What did you do for her cake you ask? Well learning from my previous experience, I went to Giant got a cake from the bakery. They write on it for free so "Happy Birthday LynnBella" it read. I ran her Peppa the Pig character toy pieces through the dish washer and used them as cake toppers! Magic: Peppa the Pig cake under $20

As mentioned in the earlier post, Chuck E. Cheese made it easy to have a family friendly party.

Once we got there our section was ready and our server Agnes was amazing. We decorated with some themed items below and let the fun begin.

The itinerary, service, price and clean up was all amazing and made celebrating this birthday such a breeze! I officially nailed planning my first event! If you have questions on hacks for having an affordable Chuck E. Cheese party let me know cause I am here to spill all the tea. Just a small idea- paid for 5 kids but had enough pizza, drinks, and play cards for 8. Seriously just ask how!

Now let's see what adventures LynnBella takes on in year 3! To my beautiful spirit and daughter, LynnBella - I love you kiddo and your so lucky to be my daughter as I am to be your mom.

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