The Celebration Continues

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I am so late on these post-birthday updates but nevertheless, we enjoyed some family free fun the Saturday before LynnBella's birthday.

Parents, sometimes finances are tight and even when they aren't why pass up a free opportunity to spend with your kids?!

Sesame Street Visits D.C.

Sesame Street was coming to DC and I found out about it months in advance on Eventbrite. That is my go to place for checking free events or even paid ones in my city. I reserved tickets far out in advance but that Friday they made changes to reserved tickets and location.

No sweat, I was on top of it and still managed to reserve 4 tickets for the updated time slot changes they made.

There was a line to get in but moved pretty quickly. They wanted everyone to maneuver through the activities before checking out the show. First stop was getting LynnBella's photo taken! Then we stood in line for her first and what turned out to be only activity.

There she got to learn about wants vs. needs where everything was basically a want. She dressed up as what she wanted to be when she grew up which she said was a chef. Here reason was to make pizza.  After taking a photo, we stopped by the coloring station. The line was pretty long and moving really slow so once we finally made it through we decided to leave.

LynnBella at Sesame Place

LynnBella went to Sesame Place for 2 days on her second birthday (wow time flies) so we already had an amazing experience. If it wasn't for our other plans for the day, we definitely would have stayed but just the small interaction we had was great and she was pumped.

Next Stop, Local Beach

LynnBella at the beach

Once we left, we stopped at home to have some lunch and pack our day bag for the beach. Who knew a beach was only 40 minutes away! I bought some things to build a sand castle from the Dollar Tree, matching Paw Patrol bathing suits for the kids, and some adult beverages for us parents to enjoy!

The water wasn't the best sight but we didn't plan on getting in anyway. Lenyx is not a fan of the sand  and mostly there for the chips. Overall we enjoyed ourselves and the ride back was a breeze! So relaxing and Bella enjoyed her sand castle techniques with her dad.

Lenox UTZ chips

I must say birthday or not these are still two free events we would have enjoyed and spontaneously added to our Summer 2019 Bucket List.

Next up, The Big 3 Birthday Party

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