Friday the 13th Favorite Find

[Will Smith: Gettin Jiggy With It was playing in my head]

So if you are having a hard time guessing this week’s favorite find, it’s this amazing vintage 80’s windbreaker. Absolutely adore the color scheme and also fit. Says XL in tag but clearly I’m unbothered with the way this fits.

I’d love to get in another outfit with this jacket but since it is listed in my closet, hoping for a fast sell or really great offer.

I wanted to introduce this new "Friday Favorite Find" Segment to the blog because lately I have been falling in love with so many piece and hope you will too. Also I thought - wow now I can see how awkward I really am in the camera and embrace what the camera sees.

Thoughts on the jacket? How do you feel about bringing the 80's and early 90's back? What's your best OOTD (outfit of the day) pose?

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