Mental & Emotional Health With Moniece Slaughter

It's not easy for most of us to say hi my name is so and so and I have a mental or even emotional health problem. Lately I have noticed a decline in my personal best self and realized that yes I too have some work to do. I mean look at how stiff I look in this photo just from anxiety. Anywho, I had the opportunity to attend this amazing event with all these incredible women. 

Moniece literally was so amazing and enlightened me on emotional health. I was brave enough to ask her a question and felt it was necessary to share her advice. I also want to let you guys know I'm just like you and here for you. I understand how closed off it feels not to have someone in your corner when you are in a ball crying, stressed, and depressed.

My question was basically what advice do you have for someone like me, a full time mom who hardly gets alone time or time away from the kids when dealing with my decline in emotional balance or mental health. Moniece was super kind and 5 things she said really stuck with me.

1. Take it day by day and even moment by moment 
Literally it was like confirmation hearing this because lately my brain has been consumed sooo much of the future of life that I am not enjoying the moment. Overall I think this is the root of where my anxiety is coming from  which leads right into the next thing.

2. Journal 
I don't think I do this often enough. I bought the apple pencil along with the Flow app which I adore but I need to journal more. Just the other day I literally wrote down Clutter Brain and listed all the things on my mind. Moniece spoke of journaling to declutter your thoughts but also to reflect on the progress of your week when you are in a bad moment.

3. Clean space
Most of my time is spent in my home anyway but she made a good point. Your brain is already cluttered so your room doesn't need to be. Moniece literally said "I keep a clean room, and light a candle" That is my love language but I also thought, clean space just means the people around me. Choosing to not entertain negative people or people you really have to fight to be positive with or around.

4. See a therapist
I feel in the black community we are "trained" that is is not ok to admit you struggle with anything let alone see a therapist. I'm proud to tell you guys yes, I have been seeing a life coach for 2 weeks and it has been great. My life coach help me understand 2 simple things. Life coaches are great for accountability and helping you take small steps to move forward. Therapist help you deal with issues from the past. As I told her I may need both but so far this journey has been great and I encourage you too to see professional help especially if you have already realized you have a problem but want a solution.

5. Confide a trusting friend
Moniece kept it real that you may not be able to afford a therapist or life coach but don't hold it all in. Confide in someone you truly trust who listen. I confide in 2 people. My best friend Natasha because before and even after my life coach, she keeps me accountable for being a better me. My sister, Keasha, well she is my therapist. I can literally hurt my foot and I will tell her because she listens. She gives advice when wanted but overall no matter what she listens to my problems.

Often times people will listen but only to respond. For me I found it to be easier to shut them out. When going through don't shut people out no matter how hard it gets and homegirl remember, I'm here and love emails! Hope some of this sits with you since you couldn't make the event.

If you are wondering what I wore, mixed prints honey! You can shop this skirt in my closet. Shout out to Ashley for this custom shirt. You aren't alone in the journey to a better you and thanks for being apart of mine.

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