Work to Date Night Fit

I'm not sure what I am most excited about, D.C. restaurant week or this outfit. D. C. restaurant week starts today and my reservation for Thursday is already booked. What that means for my life and probably yours is that you need an outfit that is work appropriate but cute enough for a nice dinner after.

Here is my vintage take on that.

Ideally this is me reviewing inventory and tracking online sales in my boutique but realistically I'm just in my room taking a photo before clocking into my 9-5 but more like 8:30-5:30! 

Here is what I did. Took my super comfy stretchy dress pants you saw in my last outfit and paired it with this funky print blouse. Now in case you are wondering, no this blouse isn't silk. I think took bronze Steve Madden boots and magic, I am work ready.  

Here is the switch sis! All I did was tie the blouse in the front to add a lil skin. I took some gold heels from out my tote and paired it with a small cute handbag or clutch and now I am ready for dinner. Maybe add a little lipstick and make sure you mani and pedi is on fleck and you are good to go. (Clearly I skipped that part of the invitation ) 

What do you guys think? I want to see your best work & date night outfit! Tag me @elephantinmyroom, share this post with one homegirl, and shop my closet!

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