I Said Yes!

Let me let you in on some things, like real things. I quit my Corporate America job when my doctor took me out of work due to stress and anxiety for a week. I was nothing but a number and my health was suffering.

In 2 weeks, it will be almost 2 months that I have sole been working for MYSELF making MORE than my job was giving me in LESS time. Being a parent or not, time is literally money! I am not married and don't get child support. I don't get unemployment. I am not getting any government assistance. I don't have 6 months of savings to rely on. What that means is everything is on me and I could really loose it all. Because of God, my hard work and faith I haven't.

I am now onto my second work from home business where I get to focus and transform physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially on my health. Many people's livelihood is truly being affected by this Quarantine but during this entire time I have not been worried because I get to work, may money and get deposits in my sleep while my kids are safe and home.

I wanted to open up about this journey and share because I so many people are working in stress and fear and the reality is we don't have to be. We have been trained to think the only ways to success is a 9-5.

My transformation is underway and I can't wait to share what a little TLC can do. God gives all of us choices. Be committed and diligent in making the best one for you. If want to learn more about some of the weight loss, anxiety, immune fighting, or ways you too can make income from home use my contact form and let me know.

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