Pillow Challenge Accepted

So in our new world of being quarantine and still celebrating recycled fashion daily, we had to get in on the trending pillow challenge.  And of course as mother and daughter we had to match. 

But what is the pillow challenge? Pretty self explanatory but basically we are substituting our clothing for our most fashionable pillow. Securing it with a belt and adding on other pieces to make our pillow statement pop. 

In all seriousness this was so much fun and even more exciting to see LynnBella dressed for toddler club. 

But who started the #pillowchallenge which I discovered on Instagram like most of you? 

Well according to HITC.com "The challenge was started by two popular fashion influencers @myforteisfashion and @stylebynelli, when they both posted their Pillow Challenge photo on 5th April 2020. "

I first got introduced to the challenge when Tracee Ellis Ross and Halle Berry stunned us with these photos. 

This was so much fun and so many people actually thought these were dresses first look. 

Have you tried the pillow challenge yet? When you do tag me @elephantinmyroom on Instagram so I can take a look.

What are some other sane people challenges floating out there during this quarantine?

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