Why I Said Yes to a Total Life Change (TLC)?

If you seen my last "I Said Yes" post then you are like "girl said yes to what?" but I wanted to reveal to you guys why I said yes to a Total Life Change. 

Nobody wants to be apart of a pyramid scheme or scam or get false hope investing in products that really don't work. Well at least I don't so in short I want to open up to you about why I said yes to a company like TLC that has surprisingly been around since 1994.

1. H E A L T H  

I had a reality check when I realized I looked 3 months pregnant from all the bloating and toxins in my body. I also started to notice that I wasn't pooping on the regular just like my stubborn mom who suffers severely from IBS. I needed to get this stuff out of me so detoxing was my choice. 

I've never detoxed before and the idea of being able to lose 5lbs in 5 days was great to me not having to schedule surgery or wear a waist trainer. I even started to think that maybe this could be the root of my constant migraines and lack of energy through the day. 

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2. A N X I E T Y 

February of this year I was placed on medication for anxiety due to the stress of my Corporate America "dream" job. I say that loosely because everyone who works there paints a fairytale that success only lies within that company and leaving is the biggest mistake of your life. For me it was literally my saving grace. 

Anxiety was new to me and extremely scary and often triggered depression which I hope to open up to you more about later on in my journey to better health. The detox tea I was considering with TLC has CBD. CBD is known to help with anxiety, depression, substance abuse, diabetes prevention, and so many other things that were literally staring me in the face.   

3. E N E R G Y 

For the most part I like to not consider myself lazy but it was so many days where I felt I ran a marathon and just couldn't make it. Literally days having to take a nap just to get up and have what I thought was energy to prepare dinner. TLC has a product called NRG that gives you energy without the crashes of coffee, curbs your appetite, and helps you have focus and clarity to get things done. 

Again my saving grace because I had such high ambitions for my day but couldn't seem to ever be able to execute and cross simple tasks off my list of to dos. 

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4. H A I R 

My entire life I have struggled with insecurities of my hair. So now through TLC I am able to get the bad stuff out of my body, replenish with vitamins, and take an extra vitamin geared towards clear skin, healthy hair, and nails. 

Having tried everything in life to correct my hair insecurities I knew that I could skip the ordering of 18" and get a 12" wig and see if this product could really correct this issues and there I was introduced to HSN with TLC. 

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5. O T H E R S 

By now you should see that I have done enough research and self-talk to be totally "bought in" to Total Life Changes but the icing on the cake for me was that I am now the voice of my community and can help others. 

I get to help others regain their confidence and health goals by sharing my own personal journey. Not only do I get to help people but I can now work from home and help other moms and aspiring entrepreneurs tell their story and make money to live the life they always prayed for. 

If you are considering any of these products with this company or maybe even want to change similar aspects of your personal health I am here to help. I would love to help educate you on my experiences and usage of the products as well as, help you earn income for yourself. Should you want to know more feel free to use my contact form and I will be sure to reply back within 24 hours. 

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"Don't let what is replaceable stress you out." 

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