Happy National Ice Tea Day

At some point in life we have all been thrown or given lemons. For so long we took that as the wrong way until Beyonce came and said lemonade.

For me, the real lemon to lemonade affect happened when I first tried Lemon CBD Iaso Tea. 

In celebration of today being National Ice Tea Day, I couldn't let the day end without celebrating the ice tea that has changed my life. 

If you would have told me that $50 to start my own business and 1 bag of CBD Lemon Iaso Tea would have change my life for the months to come, I truthfully wouldn't have believed you. 

Fast forward and here I am so grateful. Consuming this very tea twice a day is what helped me lose 5 pounds in 5 days. Investing $50 to get access to 5 ways of pay paired with me drinking this tea daily and posting my raw results and feelings led me to be able to pay my rent in 30 days. 

If I can do it, you can too! Maybe you were like me and not familiar with network marketing or had a bad experience but I would love to help you change the narrative for your health and income. 

3 months later and I made up in my mind that I will not stop promoting or consuming these products. This is more than just weight loss, it is pure health for me now. 

I always challenge you to ask yourself, what is one thing you can change about your health right now.

Try this tea or one of our other teas below and let me know how great you feel: 

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