I Am The Elephant

We have the power of life and prosperity over our life. What does that mean? We have the power to speak what we seek until we see what we said. My most simplest daily affirmation has now become “I am the Elephant” and I wanted to share with you why and also why it’s the face of my brand.

Virgo season is here and I’ve been doing so much reflection  of my previous year of life, brainstorming on ways to make my upcoming year 27 better than ever. Daily, I have still been trying to implement my miracle morning  which includes affirmations. Being honest it’s been a little hard as my daily affirmations are changing. I repeat some more than others, I forget some more than I’d like, and finally I realize the elephant is everything I really wish to become.

“Some believe that the elephant is a symbol of good luck and fortune that helps to keep the negativity out” said Nikita ( from Nikitabyniki.com)

Elephants are a symbol of strength and power both mentally and physically. They are one of nature’s gentle giants representing peace, sensitivity, stability, intelligence, loyalty, wisdom, determination, reliability, and patience. And let me just say that again patience. Elephants are calm animals unless their little ones are threatened, a characteristic I see in myself.

My newest project has been to add some amazing elephant pieces in my home and to continue to embrace the elephant in me. Always remember you are enough. 

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