DIY Mannequin Dollar Tree Christmas Tree


This year I made a big room swap in the apartment which took up the space I normally would place our real 6ft Christmas tree. I wanted something small but also chic to match my love of reselling. Then I thought wow this year I can really do a mannequin Christmas tree. So glad I did because not only is it cute and small but it also was super budget friendly compared to the $75+ trees we have had the past 3 years. 

To start head to the Dollar Tree and quick because people like me are sweeping the aisle of Christmas decor for fun DIY projects like this one. 

Get 3 packs of hot glue gun sticks, about 25 of the garland, and the ornaments of your liking. I used the ones we already had. You can use scissors or this crafting tool (clearly I don't what it is called).

There are many ways of doing this which include wreath rings, wire, and stuff I just didn't feel like going to craft stores for. Duh - I'm all about "keep it simple stupid".

I used a dress I thrifted for $1. It has been in my closet for some time and I loved the sequin top. I also knew it was fitting to the mannequin so here I am upcycling this dress. 

I didn't have a tutu bottom or anything to give it some shape so I looked down and saw an empty Amazon box. I cut the panels and glued them to the dress to give it some shape. 

Then I began folding and gluing garland over and over. When I got to the top, I wrapped some garland around to give it a skirt feel. 

I used a plush blanket as my tree skirt because normally they aren't seen and well that also matched and can't even be seen. 

Then the fun part. Adding lights which also are at the Dollar Tree but I already had and all the cute things you love for your tree. 

That's it. Tag me on Instagram  @elephantinmyroom of your mannequin tree and you can also check out the 30 second tutorial of this there too for all the fun visuals. 

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