Luxury Fabrics

The amount of dollars spent doesn't determine the quality of an item in your wardrobe. When elevating my wardrobe, I lean towards more quality fabrics and today I am here to share with you my top 4 plus an honorable mention. 

S I L K 

Silk is a top favorite because it is a natural fiber and one of the strongest from silkworms. It's soft to touch, cool on the skin, and to my eye just elevates any look. Silk is a dry clean only fabric but there are some variations of washable silk. Oscar de la Renta said " Silk does for the body what diamonds do for the hand." 

L I N E N 

Next up is Linen. During summer I am a sucker for linen pants but I noticed it's just like wine. The more linen ages the better it gets with time. Better meaning more comfortable. Linen takes a long time in production but it is a durable fabric and softens with each wear. 

W O O L (V I C U N A)

Love a good wool piece but have you heard of Vicuna wool? Honey get your coins up. Vicuna wool can only be collected every three years. It comes from the Vicuna, national animal of Peru and similar to an alpaca. Wool is known for its durability, warmth and I always cling toward Cashmere.

L E A T H E R 

Leather lives rent free in my head all times of the year. I am a genuine leather kind of girl and yes this includes suede. Leather takes special craftsmanship and literally withstands the ultimate test of time. Vintage leather is my absolute go too. 

* P I M A   C O T T O N 

And yes honorable mention for cotton. Specifically pima cotton. I noticed my wardrobe actually lacks this fabric type. Pima cotton is the highest quality of cotton and know to be durable, wrinkle resistant, and resistant to fading and tearing. I can imagine wanting some solid staples in pima cotton.

Of all these on the list, what is your top fabric and what is one type you want to add more of to your wardrobe. Comment below. 

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