Meet Tisha

Welcome. This isn’t exactly your typical about me page but more of a welcome letter to each reader, whom I hope to become a part of this community I wish to create virtually. 

Elephant in My Room was birthed during a difficult time in my life where I knew eventually God would allow me to address all the things that were obvious but I was hiding from. Some of these things may be outside of your typical “norm” and could  make some people feel uncomfortable. For me, it’s my truth and I must walk and live in it and I would encourage you all to do the same.

This is a safe space of no judgment but opinions are welcome. Here you don’t have to fit into one particular box or category or background. You literally don’t have to have it all together or you possibly could just be in to every single thing, which in my case I fall into both. 

If you are looking for fashion inspo, lover of vintage, or want to make your wardrobe more sustainable then you are in the right place. 

No matter who you are I appreciate you for taking time to be apart of my vision of community. I appreciate all the love, engagement, and support. 

No matter what visit this makes for you I want you to leave here knowing you are enough and don’t have to be ashamed of address the elephants in your own room. 

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