Outfit Formula 1: Shorts + Top + Layering Piece


Shorts + Top + Layering Piece = A Look 
and outfit formula you can save for later. But first, what is an outfit formula?

It's a generic clothing type pairing that you can use with different styles in your closet that, generally speaking, goes well and will create a cohesive look. Think of it as a personal go to guide when you don't know what to wear or just need a little inspiration.  

We will be expanding on more outfit formulas but let's take a look with a quick recap of the fit on this particular one, featuring all pieces except shoes and jewelry from shop. 

Outfit Recap:
Vintage 80's Sweater | Vintage High Waist Black Shorts | Tights- Dollar Tree (suprisingly good quality )| Vintage Leather Plaid Coat | Snakeskin Boots - Personally Thrifted | Silver Accessories - Personally Thrifted | 

What I love about outfit formulas is they can be used throughout different seasons which will help you get more wear out of the pieces you love. 

Take this one for example, add tights and higher boots so you can still wear shorts in colder climates. Also wear a thicker top like a sweater vs a crop top in summer. Same for your layering piece. Choose a thick coat vs a sleeveless vest or lightweight duster. 

Save this one for later and come back for more outfit formulas 

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