Vintage 80's Acid Wash Trench + Vintage Orange Leather


Let's travel back in time to the 80's with this one of a kind 80's acid wash bejeweled gem denim trench jacket. 

This was my first purchase of 2024 and I don't regret it. I remember selling a 80's denim bejeweled dress that could also be worn as a duster. The moment I shipped it off, I felt instant regret of not keeping it. Although I was happy for my customer, I have been thinking of this piece 2 years later. 

Happy to have found something I love a little better but this just shows you how RARE vintage is. For 2 years I searched high and low for the exact dress and still haven't found it. Vintage pieces are 1 of 1 and not easy to get. 


Outfit Recap:
[everything secondhand except shoes]

Vintage 80's Denim Acid Bejeweled Gem Trench Coat | Vintage Orange Leather Pants | F21 White Crop Turtle Neck | Modern Mesh Rhinestone Halter Top | Brandon Blackwood Handbag | Vintage Silver Necklace | Zara Silver Heels


In 2024, I plan to be even more intentional with my personal wardrobe and items curated for the shop. I want pieces that check off both cute and comfortable which presents me with the challenge of replacing over 70% of my shoes. 

There is something extremely satisfying about mixing modern pieces with statement timeless vintage pieces. 

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