1 Blazer 5 Ways

I adore statement pieces but the one thing I check for when adding to my wardrobe is the 3 way rule. Can I wear this piece more than 3 ways without jeans and sometimes I go even far as occasion. This has helped me to stop buying cute pieces that just sit and decorate my closet. 

Look 1 pictured above was versatile but good option for dinner.

Look 2 was giving me brunch vibes for both summer and fall. 

Look 3 was just a day out with the girls. Never sure what that can look like so be ready. 

Look 4 was heading to the office to collect them coins. 

Look 5 was a little more sexy for a date night. 

I challenge you to apply this rule before purchasing. Let me know in the comments if you do something similar or do you just shop. 

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