Styling Earth Tones

I live for bold prints and color looks but lately the earth tone pieces have been catching my eye. Here's a few earth tone inspired looks I recently put together with new items in the shop. Believe it or not but 95% of these outfits are thrifted secondhand, even the accessories and shoes. 

Immediate yes! Like who doesn't love a good vintage romper? It's such an easy chic outfit and also super comfy. 

Another immediate yes. This linen blazer and tank top set is super unique with the embroidery sequin animals. The elephant obviously sealed the deal.

I've been extremely in love with sage green lately and this set looks so good oversized and I bet you didn't realize it's vintage. 

This vintage top understood the earth tone assignment. Top? Yes, its a plus size vintage top but due to the length fits this shortie like a dress. The bag is a Vintage Sharif handbag currently up for auction. 

And lastly this white, brown, and black oversized duster. I love this because you can dress it up or down. Although its not bright in color it's still making a subtle statement.

If you are looking for more earth tone color inspo here is a good palette with various earth tone colors. I do wear more earth tone colors in the fall. 

Which look is your favorite?

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